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Loans and Leasing Advice for Clients in Melbourne

Most bank affiliated financial advisers and finance brokers will only provide access to their own products. We feel that this is conflicted for you, the client.

After intensive research, we have established an arrangement with an independant third party Mortgage broker who can access the entire range of residential, investment and commercial loans available on the Australian market, including Australia’s largest supply of wholesale mortgages.

The best possible loan for you

How does this benefit you? If you need finance to start a new business or grow your existing one, or if you’d like to borrow to invest in property, it is so important that you have someone who can help you find the best possible loan on the best available terms. The mortgage broker we use is not constrained by affiliation with any single institution – instead, they have access to a wide range of finance sources, including the major banks if this is appropriate for you.

Leasing for businesses

If you’re running a business, the mortgage broker who we deal with can also help you enjoy the best possible leasing arrangements. Leasing is often the most tax-effective way of paying for vehicles, business premises and business equipment.