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Your sporting career won’t last forever.
With help from Maddern Financial Advisers, your wealth will.

We offer specialised independent financial planning services for sporting professionals in Melbourne and all around Australia.

Special Financial Challenges
for Sporting Professionals in Australia

Maddern Financial Advisers understand the special financial challenges sporting professionals in Melbourne and all around Australia face:

  • You may earn money in several currencies.
  • You may have overseas residency.
  • You may receive income from a variety of sources, some regular, some irregular.
  • Your career earnings go through peaks and troughs.
  • Your highest earning potential is often early in your career.

To make sure you build a portfolio that grows long after you have hit the final ball, you need an advice firm that understands sportspeople and the sports industry. Our founder, Dr Dennis Maddern, was a junior Davis Cup

representative for Australia and has been closely involved in sport his whole life. Dennis has built a practice around understanding the special needs of sports professionals. Our clients include professional tennis, AFL, soccer and netball players, as well as coaches and retired players.

Whether you’re just embarking on a professional sporting career, or you’ve reached a crossroad in your career and you’re wondering what comes next, we can help you. And because we have a specialist accounting firm working alongside our advisers, we can ensure your accounting and taxation needs are completely integrated with your wealth creation goals.

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