climbing interest rates
Maddern Team
Interest rates have been low for so long it’s tempting to think low rates are the new normal. So when the Reserve Bank suggests that a cash rate of 3.5 per cent is the new ‘neutral’, people take notice. Even the Prime Minister warned Australian ...
Life insurance inside or outside super?
Maddern Team
If you’ve got super, chances are you’ll have some default insurance included and the option to buy more at an attractive price. It’s a cost effective way to get a basic level of cover, but holding insurance inside super does have some downsides ...
living better, living longer financial advice, wealthy management, retirement, smsf
Maddern Team
There’s nothing quite like a tabloid story about a centenarian partying hard for their birthday to make you feel the creaks in every joint. It doesn’t matter whether they’re on a golf course in the Kangaroo Valley, carving up the slopes in the ...
Review retirement pension
Maddern Team
Amid the major reforms to superannuation that took effect on July 1, some significant changes to the tax treatment of your Transition to Retirement Pension (TRIP) may have flown under the radar. Some individuals will be affected more than others, so ...
Tax effective tips
Maddern Team
Tax should never be central to any investment decision you make but it still has an important role to play. What that means is your investments should be tax effective rather than tax driven. Depending on your personal financial circumstances, there ...
Time to protect your income
Maddern Team
Consider cover for your most important asset – your ability to earn. One of the reasons people say they don’t have income protection is the perceived cost. But if you were to lose your ability to earn you might regret not having cover, or not hav ...
Shaking things up - the business disruptors
Maddern Team
When car-sharing pioneer Uber was born seven years ago in San Francisco, few would have predicted the speed and size of the impact it would have on the taxi business. Or that in seven short years it would become a business valued at US$50 billion, wi ...
divorce after 50
Maddern Team
Baby boomers have always been catalysts for social change and now they are doing it again. Divorce after 50 – or grey divorce as it’s become known – is on the rise. At a time when the kids have left home and retirement is on the horizon, more c ...
winning the investment race
Maddern Team
No sensible person would take risks with their hard-earned cash for the sake of it, but the paradox of investing is that there’s no avoiding risk if you want to achieve financial security. Risk vs volatility Investing is an inherently risky busines ...
Ashleigh Fox
At this time of the year it is common to provide gifts to existing clients and customers as an act of goodwill and as a thank you for their custom and support of your business. As the gift is an expense to your business it is generally considered to ...