Tax traps for expats
Maddern Team
Every year more Australians head overseas to work for an extended period. While it can be great fun and a boost for your career, it’s important to remember the tax man will be taking a keen interest in your offshore activities. Whether it is the ca ...
Budget changes support a brighter retirement
Maddern Team
With tax cuts grabbing most of the attention in the May 2018 Budget, some quiet tweaks to superannuation and retirement income were drowned out in all the noise. But these small changes could have a big effect on the amount of money that ends up in y ...
Ready...set... Are you good to go for the new financial year?
Maddern Team
The end of the financial year is the cue for most of us to look at our financial position heading into tax time. Hopefully you’ve made progress towards your goals. But if you find that your expenses are trending higher than you’d like or—shock, ...
Tackling financial stress
Maddern Team
You’ve probably heard of social stress – fear of fitting in, feeling anxious about meeting new people. Or you might have experienced stage fright – the stress of public speaking, performing, or presenting in front of people. But there’s anoth ...
Downsizing – is it right for you?
Maddern Team
Luxury inner city apartments marketed as ‘perfect for empty nesters’. TV shows where cool older divorcees live in luxury on the waterfront. The ‘grey nomads’ community selling up and taking off in their camper vans. Even twenty years ago, the ...
What will the Budget mean to you?
Maddern Team
The Budget promises to deliver a strong economy, more jobs, guaranteed essential services and the government living within its means, so what does this mean to you? Encouraging tax cuts There’s immediate relief for Australians on low to middle inco ...
Tax considerations when parting ways
Maddern Team
Divorce is never easy, and with so many practical and emotional issues to process it’s hardly surprising if tax is not top of mind. But tax can have far-reaching consequences if it’s not considered when marital property is divided, especially now ...
Golden rules of investing
Maddern Team
At first glance, investing can seem daunting. So much complex information and so little time to absorb and act on it when you’re busy getting on with life. It’s little wonder that so many of us put it in the too hard basket for longer than is goo ...
Maddern Financial Advisers - Lessons from the banking royal commission
Maddern Team
With the banking royal commission underway, financial planning institutions have been facing a grilling. As more and more is revealed, the Australian public are becoming increasingly horrified. Dr. Dennis J. Maddern, one of only 37 truly independent ...
Home and away with super
Maddern Team
Australians buying their first home or downsizing in retirement are about to receive a helping hand thanks to new superannuation rules which come into effect on July 1. From that date, first home buyers will be able to contribute up to $30,000 into t ...