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Coming to terms with stagflation

Team Maddern
First, we had to brush up our understanding of inflation and what it means for our hip pocket and our investments. Now the term stagflation is being thrown into the economic mix.
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4 tips for getting superannuation payments right

Team Maddern
Getting superannuation contributions right is an important element of any employers end of financial year period. These tips will guide you on the right path. Superannuation contributions have been compulsory for three decades in Australia, and as the years have ticked over, the requirements have evolved quite substantially.
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When bankruptcy is the best way forward

Team Maddern
As interest rates and debt levels rise, many individuals and small business owners are feeling the pinch. Most will make it through with some belt-tightening, but some may need to take further action.
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A Will to give

Team Maddern
As baby boomers shift into retirement, Australia is on the brink of the nation’s biggest ever intergenerational wealth transfer. Yet estate or inheritance planning is rarely discussed by families.
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Taking your business to the next level

Team Maddern
Growth is important when it comes to business. To remain viable most companies need to keep evolving, staying ahead of their competitors and innovating to meet the needs of a continually changing marketplace. It’s also personally gratifying to feel a sense of progression and be rewarded for the hard work that is part of running a successful business. There are some considerations, however when it comes to achieving growth as not all growth is created equal.
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Your investing style - as unique as you

Team Maddern
As interest rates start to increase after a lengthy period of historical lows, it’s a good time to think about how your money is working for you and whether your investing style and strategy is still in line with your goals.
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A super end to the financial year

Team Maddern
As the end of the financial year approaches, now is a good time to check your super and see what you could do to boost your retirement nest egg. What’s more, you could potentially reduce your tax bill at the same time.
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Three mistakes to avoid during a downturn

Team Maddern
Heightened global markets volatility – as we’re experiencing right now – can easily trigger kneejerk reactions by panicked investors. Widespread selling, triggered by the Russia-Ukraine crisis, has been behind the recent big swings on global financial markets, including on stock markets, commodities markets, and currency markets.
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How to manage rising interest rates

Team Maddern
Rising interest rates are almost always portrayed as bad news, by the media and by politicians of all persuasions. But a rise in rates cuts both ways.  
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Get your SMSF ready for 30 June

Team Maddern
With the end of the financial year (EOFY) just around the corner, it’s important to ensure your SMSF meets its compliance obligations.