Managing major life changes
Maddern Team
You’ve probably heard the saying ‘change is as good as a holiday’. And sure, in some situations, altering your circumstances can be refreshing. But not all major life changes make you feel immediately clear, secure, and ready to take on the wor ...
Retirement and the impact of home ownership
Maddern Team
Owning your own home has long been the Australian dream but after years of strong house price growth it’s becoming less of a reality for many. This has major implications for retirement planning. The major factor behind the shifting approach to hom ...
lessons from global financial crisis
Maddern Team
It’s been a decade since the market crash known as the Global Financial Crisis rocked the investment world. At the time investors could only watch in disbelief as 50 per cent was wiped off the value of their shares. Arguably, the actions those inve ...
Where is the best place to stash your cash?
Maddern Team
Australia’s historically low interest rates are great news for borrowers but a headache for savers. Whether you are a young single saving for a home deposit, a family saving for future education costs or a retiree seeking income, the hunt is on to ...
What are the differences between ETFs and LICs?
Maddern Team
One of the golden rules of investing is diversification, but that can be difficult to achieve when you are just starting out or have limited funds to tap into a world of opportunities. Which is why investors have been flocking to exchange-traded fund ...
Smart investing: using dividends to increase returns
Maddern Team
The study of behavioural finance tells us people prefer a small certain reward today than a bigger uncertain one in future. That’s certainly true of share investors over the past decade. Against a backdrop of low interest rates and slow economic gr ...
Optus business award finalist
Maddern Team
Maddern Financial Advisers are excited to announce that they have been shortlisted for the prestigious Optus My Business Awards for a second consecutive year. A local business covering independent financial and accounting advice, is in the runn ...
tax and cars
Maddern Team
With transport costs for Australian families continuing to rise, claiming some of your expenses back at tax time sounds great, but it’s important to get it right if you don’t want to attract the attention of the tax man.i The key point to remembe ...
climbing interest rates
Maddern Team
Interest rates have been low for so long it’s tempting to think low rates are the new normal. So when the Reserve Bank suggests that a cash rate of 3.5 per cent is the new ‘neutral’, people take notice. Even the Prime Minister warned Australian ...
Life insurance inside or outside super?
Maddern Team
If you’ve got super, chances are you’ll have some default insurance included and the option to buy more at an attractive price. It’s a cost effective way to get a basic level of cover, but holding insurance inside super does have some downsides ...