delaying gratification
Maddern Team
Delaying gratification is a simple concept, but as most people know it’s much more difficult to employ in our lives. Ask yourself truthfully, when was the last time you had to wait for something you really wanted? Not just your morning coffee, ...
Improving your credit score
Maddern Team
Today, applying for a loan seems to have never been easier. Interest rates are comparatively low and competition among lenders for new business is intense. So it can come as a surprise when a loan application is turned down. The reason is often a ba ...
federal budget impact you
Maddern Team
Treasurer Scott Morrison’s first budget of the Coalition’s second term in office marked a significant shift in tone from the tough stance of its three previous budgets. Gone is the mantra of debt and deficit. Instead the Treasurer has balanced th ...
Natural disasters in small business
Maddern Team
When Cyclone Debbie swept across Queensland and Northern NSW in March 2017, the damage to homes, farms and businesses ran into the billions. But while the initial focus has been on the damage to buildings, crops and infrastructure, business owners al ...
Aged care, home care
Maddern Team
When loved ones become frail and elderly, families may feel that moving them into a retirement home is their only option. But that’s no longer the case. Recent changes to home care provision funding now give older people more choice and control ove ...
Tax and the super afterlife
Maddern Team
Death and taxes are never pleasant topics to think about, but a little careful consideration now could save the people who will inherit your superannuation savings a big tax bill. Many people assume there’s no tax payable on super death benefits, a ...
Small business opening
Maddern Team
It is universally acknowledged that operating a small business can be a risky and lonely enterprise, although if you are running your own show you’ll also be aware that it can be a rewarding one. If it does sometimes feel as if you’re waging a on ...
Melbourne, Australia - strong economy
Maddern Team
Australia, take a bow. We are on the brink of overtaking the Netherlands’ record for the longest period without a recession and very close to pulling off an even greater feat. Not only have we survived the end of an extraordinary mining boom withou ...
australian property invesment
Maddern Team
With Australian property remaining expensive and banks tightening their lending criteria, investors need to ensure their property investments are a financial success. A key element is maximising the taxation benefits flowing from your investment. Thi ...
cost of hobbies
Maddern Team
In modern times, hobbies have become an essential part of life. This sounds a bit weird, since by definition, they’re activities that you choose to do for yourself. Since the advent of the eight hour day and the rise in average wealth in Australia, ...