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Property Investment Advice

For most of our clients, a balanced investment portfolio will include at least some property. We all know that the property market in Australia – especially Melbourne – has seen amazing growth in recent years, are there’s every sign that over the long term, property will continue to be an extremely solid investment. At Maddern Financial Advisers, we help you make the right choice when investing in property.

Prestigious partners

Our property service is a joint venture with a number of prestigious Melbourne property firms. Together with our partners, we help clients identify high quality property investment opportunities. Our focus is on premium residential investment property in Melbourne – still a uniquely fertile source of opportunity for investors.

Our role

Maddern Financial Advisers doesn’t act as the real estate agent. Our role is to provide cash flow analysis, tax advice on the appropriate purchasing structure, and an overall investment strategy. We also manage the rent roll.  Once we understand your needs, one of our partner firms will help you select the properties that best fit your strategy.