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Your investment portfolio is a living thing. At Maddern Financial Advisers in Melbourne, we don’t do “set and forget” investments. Instead, we constantly monitor your portfolio’s performance. We keep ourselves well-informed about changes in the market. We spot new opportunities before they reach the business pages, using independent filtered research to separate truth from hype. And we do all this while keeping an eye firmly on the long term, so we don’t fall prey to the investor’s curse of overreacting to short-term trends.

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Direct Investment Approach

Our approach is based on direct investment. Other financial advisers will often recommend managed investments and wrap accounts. This is certainly an easy option for them, but it means you're paying fees to a third party to manage your money and make investment decisions. Isn't that what your financial adviser is for? We think so. You can rely on us to decide which mix of investments is right for you. You'll get expert, tailored, responsive advice, and you'll only pay one, fully transparent set of fees.
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Advisers who work for you

Above all, you can rest assured that the investment portfolio that Maddern builds on your behalf will be based entirely on your goals and your risk preferences. Because we're 100% independently owned, we answer only to you, never to a parent company pressing us to recommend their own investment products.