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From independent financial advice to accounting, business services, taxation, and self managed super funds, the range of services we offer to clients in Melbourne is comprehensive.

Independent Financial Advice in Melbourne

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Independent Financial Advisers

Based in Melbourne, we're Australia's first Certified Financial Strategists.

Dennis Maddern was the first financial adviser in Australia to qualify as Certified Financial Strategists. Administered by the Association of Independently Owned Financial Planners (AIOFP), this qualification is a benchmark for the financial planning industry.

What does this mean for you? As a successful person with serious wealth creation goals, you don't want to trust your financial affairs to just anyone. You want the best, the most qualified, the most independent advice. That's what the Certified Financial Strategist qualification represents.

In order to qualify, we've had to pass rigorous tests of our independence and expertise in five areas:

1. We are independently owned.

Because unlike most financial planning practices we're not owned by a bank or other financial institution, we're under no pressure to steer you towards certain products. Instead, we have complete freedom to recommend the best mix of investments for your situation and your goals.

2. We charge on a fee for service basis.

We don't receive commissions or any other benefits from product manufacturers or institutions. This means you can be confident that the advice you receive is unbiased –  you're the only person we're trying to please. It also gives you complete transparency about what you're paying for our advice.

3. We have access to independent filtered research.

Too often, financial advisers recommend products based on research paid for by the product manufacturer. Our research, on the other hand, is fully independent. We use the AIOFP's Filtered Research Committee and respected independent global research house Mercers to ensure that our knowledge of products and markets is always up to date and free of conflicts of interest.

4. We are highly qualified.

Our qualifications and experience speak for themselves. As a successful person, you don't want to hand over the stewardship of your wealth to an adviser without the knowledge and wide-ranging experience to make the most of it.

5. We are ASX and industry fund educated.

Unlike advisers from institutionally owned firms whose education is often limited to a narrow band of products, we can confidently assess the full spectrum of products. This means we're in a much better position to recommend the right products for you.

It all amounts to peace of mind.

Put all those elements together, and you get an adviser with expert knowledge, well-rounded experience, and complete independence – in other words, someone you can trust to take care of your wealth and help you achieve a prosperous future.

If you're a leader in your profession, you deserve the best financial advice available. Contact us for a free consultation.