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From independent financial advice to accounting, business services, taxation, and self managed super funds, the range of services we offer to clients in Melbourne is comprehensive.

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The transition from working life to retirement is one of life's great challenges.  Our financial planning services help the challenge become an opportunity. That's why at Maddern Financial Advisers in Melbourne, we base your financial strategy on your needs throughout your life. No matter how early in your career you come to us (and it's never too early or too late), a prosperous retirement will be part of the plan. 

We offer the first appointment to any new client as a complementary session. In this session, you will meet with an experienced adviser to discuss and analyse your current position and your objectives. You will leave the meeting with us with invaluable information and guidance on all of your "where to from here?" questions.

Retirement Advice

At Maddern, we structure your financial affairs so that the challenge of retirement becomes an opportunity: the opportunity to pursue your dreams, to chase adventure, to enjoy more time with your friends and family, safe in the knowledge that your cash flow is sufficient and your accumulated wealth remains strong. We have specialised in retirement planning for the entirety of your long career, and we do everything possible to assist you to maximise your income in retirement and preserve your superannuation and savings.

Retirement Planning

We use sophisticated financial modelling to factor in your options (when to retire, what to do with your property, how much can you retire on) and other variables (life expectancy, interest rates). The result is peace of mind, knowing that whatever choices you make are based on reliable information.

Careful, far-sighted estate planning completes the picture, ensuring that your children and grandchildren will continue to benefit from your success in life. As we are not aligned to any bank, insurance company or institutional ownership, you can rest assured that any advice we give you is based on what is best for you and your plans for retirement.


Maximising Age Pension & Seniors Health Care Card Assistance

There are no simple guidelines for dealing with Centrelink. With wait times of sometimes over an hour both in person and on the phone, complicated online claims processes and applications that are sometimes over 40 pages in length, it is easy to see why many potential claimants throw in the towel. We can help you to deal with Centrelink, negotiate through the piles of paperwork and really understand your entitlements.

We listen to your retirement objectives first, and act second.

You can always trust us to put your needs first. We offer a specialised retirement planning team who will offer advice on:

  • When you can retire and on what income level
  • Making the most of your superannuation and savings for retirement
  • Maximising your entitlements in retirement
  • Ensuring that you are in the best possible tax position for your circumstances.

To arrange this meeting, please contact us on (03) 9999 7200 or contact us here.