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From independent financial advice to accounting, business services, taxation, and self managed super funds, the range of services we offer to clients in Melbourne is comprehensive.

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Management Consulting Firm in Melbourne

At Maddern Accountants in Melbourne, we do much, much more than handle the reporting and taxation requirements for your business. Because our firm encompasses such a wide range of serious business experience, we can help you take your business wherever you want it to go.

Perhaps you've spotted a new opportunity in an emerging market. Perhaps you've seen your business plateau after an initial period of growth. Perhaps you're having problems dealing with a change in market conditions, personnel or strategic focus. Perhaps you're need to prepare your business for handover, acquisition or merger. Utilising the skills of a business experienced in management consulting Melbourne will help you to identify areas for improvement.



We've managed successful businesses

At Maddern, we can deliver expert, practical advice on any of these issues. Our advice is worth listening to because we've been there: our founder Dennis Maddern has run successful Australian and international businesses and provided management consulting to many small and medium sized enterprises. He turned around the fortunes of one $600m Australian company, steering the organisation to a 30% increase in profit in 12 months. Following his doctorate in organisational change, he implemented Change Management and Continuous Improvement at large multinational Eastman Kodak.

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