Life Event: How much does a wedding cost?
Life Event: How much does a wedding cost?

It’s the biggest day of your life to-date, and it’s been months or even years in the making.  Countless hours (or even days!) of planning, buying, meeting, choosing and celebrating, all lead up to that perfect day that is your wedding.

Your wedding day can be as cheap or expensive as you want it to be. It is all in the individuals choosing. It is safe to say that when you say the word ‘wedding’ in Australia, you can expect to increase the cost of whatever service you are looking for exponentially. Weddings are big money on a global scale.  Many couples go it alone; scrimping and saving for months on end, whilst others have help of family for a portion or all of the cost. Regardless of how you pay for it, there are always extra little expenses that weren’t allowed for in your savings plan.

The wedding infographic below from Moneysmart aims to provide some context to the money that is spent on weddings and the sacrifices that couples make in order to walk down the aisle.

How much can a wedding cost?


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Sometimes professional advice can help you to budget for major expenses such as weddings, honeymoons or house purchases. We offer a complimentary meeting with one of our highly qualified financial advisers. Feel free to phone our office on (03) 9999 7200 or contact us here to arrange an appointment.

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