Why is an Independent Financial Adviser different?
Why is an Independent Financial Adviser different?

We are passionate about providing financial advice to clients of all shapes, ages and sizes. Financial advice is in our blood, it’s more than just what we do. It is about who we are, how we live, anIndependent financial adviserd how we want our names to be remembered when we close the door. There is nothing we love more than proving our value as independent financial advisers to every single client that walks through our door.

One common misconception among people who contact our firm is that they’re not earning enough or they don’t have enough assets to receive any value from seeing any adviser. We often explain to clients that the value of seeking financial advice is relevant to anyone who aims to be financially independent, and we are so thrilled to be helping anyone proactive enough to take the first steps on this journey. The simple truth of the matter is, anyone can maximise their financial goals successfully by taking action early and seeking non-conflicted advice, tailored to your personal needs.

Why must advice be truly independent?

Most consumers are not aware that around 80% of all advisers in Australia are aligned with a product manufacturer (i.e. Bank, insurance company or platform provider).

We believe that every investor in Australia deserves the comfort of knowing that their best interests are being put first. An independent financial planner sits in a unique position of being able to research, assess and present all the best options available to a client, and assist in making the best decision for you without the conflict of being affiliated with a financial institution.

If you are seeking advice from a new financial adviser, it is important to ask the adviser who their licence is derived from. The answer to this question will fairly quickly tell you whether you can expect the advice to be conflicted by product manufactures or not. The Association of Independently Owned Financial Professionals have a great tool on their website called Who Owns Who. This link will show you very clearly which dealer groups are owned by which banks.

An independent financial adviser can assist you no matter what your financial position may be. If you would like to arrange a complimentary first appointment with one of our independent financial advisers, please phone us on (03) 9999 7200 or contact us here.

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