Independent financial advice – The ONLY way forward!
Independent financial advice – The ONLY way forward!

With the banking royal commission underway, financial planning institutions have been facing a grilling. As more and more is revealed, the Australian public are becoming increasingly horrified.

Dr. Dennis J. Maddern, one of only 37 truly independent financial advisers in Australia and Chief Executive Officer of Maddern Financial Advisers,  sat down for an interview with the Nest Egg podcast team to talk all about the Banking Royal Commission.

“If you’ve got tennis elbow and your doctor suggest cutting your arm off, you’d seek a second opinion. So why wouldn’t you do that with questionable financial advice?”

That’s the argument put forward by Dr. Dennis J. Maddern, independent financial adviser and Founder and Executive Chairman of Maddern Financial Advisers.

Dr Maddern told the Nest Egg podcast team that the barriers of entry to becoming a financial adviser are too low in Australia and, as royal commission is revealing, Aussies are being stung.

“They then should have confidence in that care. There should be no Storm Financials. There should be no Four Corners programmes.” he said…

Listen to the podcast here.


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