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Terms beginning with "A"

Acquisition Costs

The fixed and variable costs of acquiring new business, including commissions and similar distribution costs, and costs of accepting, issuing and initially recording policies.

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Acquisition Date

The date on which the acquirer obtains control of the acquiree.

Actuarial Gains & Losses

These comprise: (a) Experience adjustments (the effects of differences between the previous actuarial assumptions and what has actually occurred); and (b) the effects of changes in actuarial assumptions.

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Annual Reporting Period

The financial year or similar period to which annual financial statements relate.


A resource: (a) controlled by an entity as a result of past events; and ...

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Active Investment management

A style of investment management that seeks to attain returns above a set benchmark by constantly monitoring and, if necessary, changing asset allocation and security selection.

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Asset class

A category of financial assets. The major asset classes are shares, property, fixed interest and cash, which in turn can be broken down further to include domestic or international shares, domestic or international fixed interest, direct or indirect prope

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