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Office staff

Retrain your staff with the tax man's help

Team Maddern
For many business owners, fear of incurring a Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) bill has kept them from retraining and re-skilling their employees to perform different roles or activities within the business.

Soaring to success in 2021

Team Maddern
The start of a new year is a great time to reassess where you are in life, your career or business - decide what you want to achieve and put some strategies in place to work towards achieving even your most ambitious goals.
Rearview mirror

Lessons from 2020 to secure a bright future

Team Maddern
It was a year most of us would like to forget. And yet, some of the toughest lessons of 2020 had a silver lining.

What the US election means for investors

Team Maddern
Democrat Joe Biden is pressing ahead with preparations to take the reins as the next President of the United States. Despite legal challenges and recounts, the early signs are that markets are responding positively.
Christmas shopping

'Tis the season for wise spending decisions

Team Maddern
The traditional festive holiday season is likely to be a little different this year, but one thing is likely to remain the same – the temptation to spend and the post-Christmas budget hangover.
Achieving balance

Are you the (personality) type to easily achieve balance?

Team Maddern
Checking emails late into the night, reaching for your phone before you’ve even had breakfast to start your working day, the ‘lunch break’ that involves a Zoom meeting - the lines between our work lives and our personal lives have never been blurrier.
Granny flat

Granny flats: tax tips and traps

Team Maddern
The idea of adding a granny flat to your property sounds like a great idea. A property to rent out to generate some welcome extra income, or a home for adult children or mum and dad in their later years.
Credit score

Easy ways to boost your credit score

Team Maddern
Most Australians are only vaguely aware – or completely unaware – of the fact that credit-reporting agencies monitor their financial transactions. While most Australians don’t give much thought to what’s on their credit report, the credit score that’s based on the contents of that report can have a significant impact on your financial choices. A modest score may mean you miss out on getting a mortgage or business loan.
Money, savings

Making your savings work harder

Team Maddern
With tax cuts and stimulus payments on the way, Treasurer Josh Frydenberg is urging us to open our wallets and spend to kick start the national economy. But if your personal balance sheet could do with a kick along, then saving and investing what you can also makes sense.
Doctor at work

FBT changes under COVID: What are the rules?

Team Maddern
The COVID-19 pandemic is raising some interesting questions for small business employers in relation to their Fringe Benefit Tax (FBT) liabilities.