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Market volatility - picture of globe

Market volatility, and a balanced view on today’s global markets

Team Maddern
Afternoon Maddern Financial Clients, With recent reports on falling markets, it’s not hard to imagine that people could be concerned about their investments, but it has been interesting that virtually all MPW Clients have remained calm and I would estimate that 70% of our Clients have been buying to ‘average in’ on their Investments. It […]
Bank vault

Keeping your money safe in volatile markets

Team Maddern
With share markets moving up and down, many people and a few of our Clients wonder just how safe their super/investments are. Where you are in your life, will shape what you do with your Investments, especially in times like these, e.g. someone who is retired is in a very different position compared to someone […]
Money and budgeting - piggy bank

Stability and balanced budgets

Team Maddern
It is interesting that as soon as the US Congress has passed the new debt ceiling limit that we now have a series of new challenges: debt concerns in Italy, Spain, etc, in addition, falls on Wall St were heavy overnight due to a US manufacturing slow down. But we must also note that there […]