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Why are Melbourne’s best businesses switching to XERO?
Team Maddern

Xero is revolutionising business financial management by offering to its users a clean interface, easy to use reporting functions, amazing support and best of all, they evolve with technologBudgety rather than behind it. Data is simply not entered into XERO, it flows seamlessly by linking to your business accounts and intuitively recognising information.

  • Cost effective accounting and bookkeeping

Rather than having to buy an expensive software package every few years, or each time your computer gives up the ghost, XERO users subscribe to a small monthly subscription fee, which can be altered as your business needs grow and or contract.

  • Cloud based accounting software to remove the IT burden

A cloud based service means that all the software and IT infrastructure is based on the internet and the software company’s own servers. For you the business owner, this means there are absolutely no compatibility issues, worrying about storage space and file size, IT upgrades or security. Using XERO completely removes all of these headaches from business owners and staff alike, and gives you back valuable time to manage your business and focus on what you do best.

  • Data entry is effortless

Once you have linked the bank account, automatic update of your transactions means that it’s completely effortless to feed data into the system. The default Chart of Accounts are intuitive, as well as being simple to match and reconcile.  You can even upload receipts or documentation by taking a photo on your phone, and uploading this directly to the transaction.

  • Access anywhere, anytime, on any device.

The most beautiful thing about XERO is the ability to access your accounts 24/7, on any device (including your phone, tablet, ipad). This is not just limited to you as a business owner, you can also share access with your bookkeeper or Accountant, completely removing the need to email large files, drop off CD’s or USB’S, or mail piles of receipts and paperwork.

  • A simple invoicing system

The invoicing system within XERO is so simple, anyone can use it. You can also raise purchase orders direct to suppliers, include hyperlinks for payment on your invoice document and have the use of countless invoice templates.

  • All accounts on real time

The days of only having access to historical business reporting data are over. With XERO, you can generate and view both business and transaction reports in real time.

  • The power of software Add-Ons to make your life easier

Add-ons are programmes that are able to be ‘added’ to existing software in order to compliment the program, enhance your business, increase efficiency and make your life easier. XERO is the master of add-ons, and for almost every requirement that your business has, you will find an add-on to help.

Examples in the current ecosystem of over 300 add-ons are Point of Sale abilities, HR programs, payroll management, inventory management, tasks flows, online business shopping carts and the list goes on.

Want a XERO demo or a free trial?

If you would like to trial XERO, or request a demo of how XERO can help your business, please phone us on (03) 9999 7200 today.