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How do successful people start their day? An interesting insight
Team Maddern

Dennis Maddern 11

There has been much media focus recently on the habits of  highly successful people.  Articles have featured in the New York Times, the Economist and the Wall Street journal, questioning the über successful  on just how they start their day.

Founder & Executive Chairman Dr. Dennis J. Maddern was recently interviewed by The New Daily, on how he starts his day and how a consistent early morning routine sets him in good stead for a productive day.

Dr Dennis J Maddern, 61

Founder & CEO of Maddern Private Wealth

What time do you wake up and who wakes you up?

I wake up at 5am everyday; I have a radio that wakes me up with classical music.

What is your morning routine?
I pretty much get up straight away, I clean up and have a shower, and then I have breakfast, which is porridge with fruit, pumpernickel ginseng and those sorts of things.

I drink one cup of Greek tea when I get in the office.

During breakfast I also have various computers, various newspapers. I get my business and personal emails feed through, so I’m going over those. I do that just to know that it’s there. I don’t try and answer anything because no one is likely to be awake at that time.

But by the time I get to work at 7am, I pretty much know all the issues of the day.

The approach is very proactive.

Do you get any exercise in the morning?
I don’t do any exercise before arriving in the office but since I’m completely prepared and start work at 7am by the time the phones start ringing at 8am, I’m completely organised.

From 9 – 11.30am, I play tennis in the senior circuit for men and I’m ranked top 20 in the world, then I spend the rest of the day in the office.

What is your secret to a successful day?
The early bird catches the worm.

It’s all about mind, body and soul. I’m a man of faith and I say a rosary in the mornings. This combination put me in touch with myself and gives me the enthusiasm and the drive to run and built a business at 60.

It’s not about dollars it’s about relationships and about being proactive.

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