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We have been shortlisted for an incredible award – and we need YOUR help!
Team Maddern

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We are thrilled to announce  to our clients, colleagues and friends that our Maddern TV video channel has been shortlisted for an incredible award; the MAX: Marketing, Advertising and Sales Excellence Awards, which shines a spotlight on the achievers and innovators in the field of marketing and sales within the Australian financial services industry.

Our team collaborated with a brilliant video producer, and seeing these ideas come to life to inform, inspire and create further knowledge within our client base and beyond is incredibly satisfying.

The greatest compliment of all, is seeing our nomination up against huge international Investment managers, whose marketing budgets, production teams and global reach all far exceed that of this boutique Malvern Financial Advice & Accounting firm, started only 10 years ago as a one-man firm, but that which has grown exponentially because of our commitment to our clients.

What can you do to help us win?

We need votes, from anyone who is willing and able to support us! You can only vote once, and only using a corporate, business or work email address (i.e. free email such as Gmail or Hotmail will not be accepted). All votes must be made using the online form below and must be completed by Friday 30 May.

Simply click the link below, scroll half way down to “Best Video Campaign”, select Maddern Financial Advisers and submit your email address.

If you would like to share this email with your colleagues and friends, this also would help our cause.

Help Maddern Financial Advisers, show big international business what we can really do!

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