Taking philanthropy to the next level
Maddern Team
Australians are generous when it comes to opening their wallet for a good cause. But you may have reached a point in life where you want to make a more substantial contribution with control over how your money is spent. You may also wish to get your ...
Housing prices off the boil
Maddern Team
The Australian housing market appears to have reached a turning point, with prices falling 2.2 per cent since peaking in September 2017. This is welcome news for first home buyers; not so much for sellers and investors. As always with residential pro ...
Protect your business against risk
Maddern Team
In June 2018, promising Melbourne start-up Unlockd went into voluntary administration blaming Google.i This was not a risk Unlockd or its high-profile backers saw coming, but that’s the thing with business risk, it can strike when you least expect ...
Plugging in to technology stocks
Maddern Team
On August 2, Apple became the world’s first company to reach US$1 trillion in market value. It took 42 years to get there from humble beginnings in an LA garage, but a handful of younger technology companies collectively known as the FANGs – Face ...
Young invincibles – the importance of insurance
Maddern Team
When you are young, healthy and just starting your working life the last thing on your mind is life insurance. In your 20s and 30s your financial focus is more likely to be on saving for a car, holidays, a home or the birth of a child. But failing to ...
Lessons from the ‘rich list’
Maddern Team
Most people who are intent on building their personal and business finances know there is no quick road to wealth. While some people dream about their lucky numbers finally being called, others are making every day count. Of course, not everyone can ...
Weighing up the cost of risk - insuring your business
Maddern Team
Running your own business can be rewarding, but there is also risk involved when you put your own money and reputation on the line. What would you do if your shop was destroyed by fire, a client sued over advice you gave, or your business was disrupt ...
Bankruptcy: Not the end of tax considerations
Maddern Team
With personal debt on the rise, many Australians are struggling with their finances. In most cases, a repayment plan can be worked out to get you back in the black. If that’s not feasible, another solution can be to declare bankruptcy, but this can ...
Is your money personality set in stone?
Maddern Team
Our upbringings hugely influence the attitudes we have towards money and our ‘money personality’. Did you observe your parents working hard to put food on the table? Was money a cause of conflict in your household? Was it spent freely, or ...
Making your budget stick
Maddern Team
With 86% of Australians saying they don’t know what they spent last month, it’s fair to say we aren’t great budgeters.i But in many cases, the problem isn’t writing a budget per se so much as it is sticking to it over the long term. The good ...